Q School 2019 - Event 3 Qualifiers

Posted by SnookerInfo on June 4, 2019 at 11:55 AM

2019 Q School is all over and another four players booked their place by winning their section of the third event. There were also four more cards given out to the four highest players on the Order of Merit who had not already won their card.

Andy Hicks

Born: 10th August, 1973 (45 years old)

Nationality: English


4-2 v Brian Ochoiski

4-0 v Richard Binns

4-1 v Michael Collumb

4-2 v Ryan Thomerson

4-0 v Qingtian Yang

Andy Hicks first turned professional in 1991 at the age of 18. He was fairly successful in the 1990's reaching the semi finals of a ranking event on 5 occasions, One of them being the 1995 World Championship where he beat Steve Davis, Willie Thorne and Peter Ebdon before losing to Nigel Bond. He also reached the semi finals of the Masters in 1996 as a wildcard where he lost to Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Andy reached a career high ranking of 17 in 1995/96 and remained on the snooker tour until the end of the 2012/13 season. Since then he has been playing Q School trying to regain his place and has also played a number of events as a top up player. He reached his sixth career ranking event semi final at the 2017 Shoot Out and as recently as this year reached the Last 16 of the Indian Open.

Alex Borg

Born: 5th June, 1969 (49 years old)

Nationality: Maltese


4-1 v Hrithik Jain

4-2 v Joshua Thomond

4-2 v Danny Brindle

4-2 v Patrick Whelan

4-3 v Allan Taylor

4-1 v Billy Joe Castle

Alex Borg first turned professional in 1991. He regularly entered the Malta Grand Prix in the 1990's. He reached the Quarter Finals in 1995 beating Nigel Bond before reaching the semi finals in both 1997 and 1998 beating Mark Williams and John Higgins in the process.

He fell of the tour in 1997 but returned for one season in both 1998/99 and 2001/02. He won the EBSA European Snooker Championship to qualify for the tour again in 2005. He remained on tour for two years before again losing his card, He was to wait six years before turning pro again receiving the IBSF nomination for the 2013/14 season. He again lost his place after two seasons and then he got back on tour again through Q School in 2016. Again though he was unable to keep his card after two seasons.

Alex reached the Last 32 of the Snooker Shoot Out during his last spell on tour in 2018. It is to date his best ranking event finish.

Alexander Ursenbacher

Born: 26th April, 1996 (23 years old)

Nationality: Swiss


4-1 v Sanderson Lam

4-1 v Saqib Nasir

4-0 v Sydney Wilson

4-1 v Si Jiahui

4-3 v Fang Xiongman

4-3 v Peter Lines

Alexander Ursenbacher first qualified for the tour in 2013 via Q School. He only won two matches during his first season on tour though, The first in a European Tour event and the second at the World Championship qualifiers. He started the following season very promisingly winning his first two matches in qualifying events against Martin O'Donnell and Kyren Wilson but struggled after that failing to win another match for the rest of the season and he therefore lost his tour card.

In 2017, He won the EBSA European Under-21 Championship beating Jackson Page in the final 6-4 to qualify for the tour again. During his first season back on tour, He reached the Last 32 of the Riga Masters and the Indian Open. His good form continued as he reached the semi finals of the 2017 English Open beating the likes of Shaun Murphy and Michael White along the way before losing in the semi finals 6-3 to Kyren Wilson. He struggled to kick on after that result and only won one more match for the rest of the season in the Shoot Out.

Alexander reached the Last 16 of the 2019 Welsh Open after beating Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-2 in the Last 32. He was beaten by Zhao Xintong in the next round and ended up losing his tour card at the end of the season.

Barry Pinches

Born: 13th July, 1970 (48 years old)

Nationality: English


4-2 v Chen Zhe

4-0 v Robin Otto

4-3 v Leo Fernandez

4-1 Peifan Lei

4-2 v Shane Castle

4-3 v Long Zehuang

Barry Pinches first became a professional in 1989 after winning the English Amateur Championship the year before. He remained on tour for eight years before losing his place in 1997. He was back on tour though in 1998 and stayed on it until 2016.

He has twice reached the Quarter Finals of a ranking event. His first was the 2003 UK Championship where he beat Marco Fu, Graeme Dott and Stephen Lee before losing to Stephen Hendry. His second was the 2005 Grand Prix where he defeated Tom Ford, Rory McLeod and Jimmy White before losing to Ronnie O'Sullivan at the Quarter Final stage.

Barry Pinches has won a minor-ranking event. He won the Players Tour Championship - Event 4 during the 2010/11 season where he beat Ronnie O'Sullivan in the final 4-3. He finished 3rd in the PTC Order of Merit because of this and therefore qualified for the 2011 PTC Finals where he lost 4-3 to Michael Holt in his first round.

Si Jiahui (16 years old, Chinese), Billy Joe Castle (26 years old, English), Peter Lines (49 years old, English) and Peifan Lei (16 years old, Chinese) also qualified for the tour by finishing as the top four players on the Order of Merit who had not already qualified.

Congratulations to all the Q School qualifiers and good luck for the next two seasons.

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