Q School 2019 - Event 2 Qualifiers

Posted by SnookerInfo on May 29, 2019 at 12:20 PM

Another Q School event is complete and another four players have won a tour card for the next two seasons. Here you can find a bit of information about each one:

Chen Zifan

Born: 19th September, 1995 (23 years old)

Nationality: Chinese


4-1 v Brandon Hall

4-0 v Owais Ali

4-0 v Lukas Kleckers

4-2 v Shane Castle

4-0 v Long Zehuang

4-0 v Au Chi Wai

Chen Zifan turned professional in 2017 after coming through Q School. During his first season on tour he reached the Last 32 of the European Masters defeating Hammad Miah and Mark King before losing to David Gilbert. He then reached his second Last 32 at the English Open just a couple of weeks later this time beating Sanderson Lam and Barry Hawkins before losing to Aditya Mehta.

Chen has been unable to reach another Last 32 since and therefore lost his tour card at the end of the 2018/19 season. He has bounced straight back though so he will be trying to kick on next season to try and break into the top 64.

Fraser Patrick

Born: 8th November, 1985 (33 years old)

Nationality: Scottish


4-1 v Sean Maddocks

4-0 v Craig Farrar

4-3 v Andy Hicks

4-1 v John Welsh

4-1 v Christopher Keogan

4-1 v Sydney Wilson

Fraser Patrick first qualified for the tour in 2007 as a Scottish nomination. He was unable to keep his place on tour after just one year and was relegated. He got close to winning back his tour place through Q School in both 2011 and 2012 losing in the final round to Adam Wicheard and Michael Wasley respectively.

Due to his good performance at Q School he was able to play in many tournaments as a 'top up'. He reached the Last 32 of the German Masters beating Michael White and Martin Gould before losing 5-3 to Ali Carter. Later that season he again reached the final round in a Q School event this time winning 4-3 against Ashley Carty to earn a two year tour card.

He remained a professional for four seasons losing his tour card at the end of the 2016/17 season. During that time he reached the Last 32 of three more events but as of yet has been unable to go further.

Louis Heathcote

Born: 3rd July, 1997 (21 years old)

Nationality: English


4-0 v Ian Desmier

4-1 v Brian Cini

4-2 v Florian Nuessle

4-2 v Aditya Mehta

4-1 v Simon Blackwell

4-3 v Si Jiahui

Louis Heathcote first entered Q School in 2014 at the age of 16. He failed to get further than the Last 64 during his first two attempts before reaching the Last 32 in 2016 where he lost to Cao Yupeng. During the 2015-16 season, Louis entered both the World Under-21 Championship and the European Under-21 Championship. He reached the Last 32 in both events before losing to Lee Mein and Alexander Ursenbach respectively.

During the 2016/17 season he entered a number of professional events as a wildcard but was unable to get past the first round in any of them. He has continued to try Q School every year and now wins a two year tour card for the first time.

Riley Parsons

Born: 5th May, 2000 (19 years old)

Nationality: English


4-3 v Alexander Ursenbacher

4-1 v Daniel Womersley

4-3 v Chae Ross

4-2 v Callum Lloyd

4-3 v Peter Lines

Riley Parsons first entered an amateur event in 2015, The English Amateur Championship. He played in the 2016 Snookerbacker Classic reaching the Quarter Finals of one of the events. He then reached the Last 32 of the 2016 World Under-18 Championship before losing to Tyler Rees. His best result in the English Amateur Championship came in 2018 when he reached the Quarter Finals of the South section where he lost 5-4 against Jamie O'Neill.

Riley entered Q School for the first time this year so he was a bit of an unknown quantity. During the first event he was beaten in the second round by Mateusz Baranowski before going on to qualify from event two. It will be interesting to see how he gets on on the tour for the next two seasons.

The final Q School event gets underway tomorrow and finishes on Tuesday.

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