Biggest First Round Shocks Using 128 Format

Posted by SnookerInfo on November 25, 2015 at 5:55 PM

Following the unexpected defeat of Ding Junhui last night to amateur Adam Duffy, I thought I would look back at the most 'unexpected' victories (or defeats!) that have happened since the introduction of the 128 format.

Shaun Murphy 1-5 Alex Davies

Mark Selby 3-5 Andrew Pagett

(2013 Wuxi Classic)

The very first tournament to see the 128 format in use was the 2013 Wuxi Classic and straight away it threw up some unexpected results that simply were not possible in the previous format. Shaun Murphy won the first frame against Alex Davies and I'm sure at that point seemed like it was going to be a routine win, only for Alex Davies to win the next five frames to win the match 5-1 with a high break of just 50. Mark Selby also lost to Andrew Pagett after battling back from 2-0 behind to draw level at 2-2 before eventually losing 5-3.

Shaun Murphy 3-4 Robbie Williams

Judd Trump 3-4 Zhang Anda

(2013 Indian Open)

These two results perhaps are not as big a shocks because the format was only best of 7 and both matches went to a deciding frame. Shaun Murphy once against fell victim to the new format losing 4-3 to Robbie Williams. Shaun came back from 3-0 down to level at 3-3 before Robbie won the decider. Judd Trump also fell victim to a lower ranked player in this tournament losing 4-3 to a very much in form Zhang Anda, Who on the way to his famous victory made two century breaks.

Marco Fu 5-6 Mitchell Travis

(2013 UK Championship)

Probably the most memorable first round seeded losers came from this match. No one was expecting young amateur Mitchell Travis to beat Marco Fu here. Marco was never behind in the match until he lost the deciding frame. Mitchell went on to reach the last 32 before losing 6-1 to David Morris.

Ronnie O'Sullivan 4-5 Thepchaiya Un-Nooh

(2014 German Masters)

This game was memorable for different reasons. Anyone who was watching the game as it progressed live wouldn't have been shocked to see Ronnie lose the match. The way he was playing was the probably the most shocking. Even by Ronnie's standards he was playing outrageous shots that some wouldn't even attempt on a practice table. He still however managed to take the game to a decider which, to Ronnie's delight was won by Thepchaiya.

Ding Junhui 0-5 Oliver Brown

(2014 Wuxi Classic)

Some of you may recall that Ding Junhui has had a similar experience to last night before. This one though, arguably even more of a shock. Five titles the previous season, First game of the new campaign you'd be forgiven for thinking that this would be a walkover for Ding playing against amateur (and relatively unknown) Oliver Brown. That was not the case however and Oliver Brown won all five frames to whitewash Ding 5-0.

Ding Junhui 5-6 Wang ZePeng

(2014 International Championship)

Ding Junhui certainly won't thank me for reminding him of these first round defeats, but here is yet another unexpected defeat shortly after the previous one. It was enough to send shockwaves through the world of snooker. Much closer this time but two centuries from opponent Wang ZePeng and a comfortable win in the deciding frame sealed Ding's fait once again.

Judd Trump 0-6 Michael Wild

(2015 International Championship)

Possibly the most surprising result of them all. Off the back of a Runners-Up prize in Shanghai, Judd was very much odds-on to beat Michael Wild in the first round of this years International Championship. Michael though showed he is a very capable player who should not be taken lightly making consecutive breaks of 63, 82 & 62 to extend his lead from 2-0 to 5-0. He also won the sixth frame to whitewash Judd Trump 6-0 to seal his place in Daqing. He eventually lost 6-0 to Sanderson Lam in the last 64.

So there are a few of the more surprising first round results since the introduction of the 128 format. The reason for this is certainly up for debate. Either players take the lesser ranked players for granted or the gap between the top and bottom of the professional game is closer than ever before. Maybe both reasons are true, who knows?

One thing we do know for sure is... There are many more surprise results to come in the future!

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