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Today the Q School event started in Burton, England. Over 200 players playing for 12 two-year tour cards. There are three events over the next 18 days with 4 cards on offer in each for the winner of each Quarter. Here I will be posting daily updates from the event highlighting the winners and losers and major talking points. Good luck to all the players.

Thursday, 31st May

Final of day of this years Q School and there was some high profile players defeated in the last 16. Players who only lost their tour cards last month Chen Zhe and Wang Yuchen both lost 4-1 to Ashley Carty and Himanshu Dinesh Jain respectively. Former world number 24 Michael Judge lost 4-0 to Kishan Hirani, Andy Hicks lost 4-2 to Andy Lee. One player looking to regain his card immediately Thor Chuan Leong won however, beating Greg Casey 4-0. The other three matches all finished 4-3, Fang Xiongman, Simon Bedford and Kuldesh Johal defeating Farakh Ajaib, David Lilley and James Cahill.

Thor Chuan Leong 4-1 Fang Xiongman

Kishan Hirani 4-2 Simon Bedford

Andy Lee 4-2 Kuldesh Johal

Ashley Carty 4-2 Himanshu Dinesh Jain

Thor Chuan Leong successfully regained his tour card after a 4-1 win over another player who only just dropped from the tour Fang Xiongman. Kishan Hirani won the last two frames with breaks of 57 & 64 to beat Simon Bedford 4-2 to qualify for the tour for the first time. Hong Kong's Andy Lee made a high break of 93 to beat Kuldesh Johal, who made a century in the match, 4-2 to qualify for the tour for the first time since 2009. Finally Ashley Carty has also qualified for the tour for the first time after beating Indian Himanshu Dinesh Jain 4-2.

So, that's it for this year's Q School. Congratulations to the 12 players who won tour cards. The 64 highest players on the Q School order of merit will play in the first Challenge Tour event this weekend.

Wednesday, 30th May

Today was the penultimate today of this years Q School and I will start the update with the conclusion of round three. Hong Kong player Andy Lee won 4-0 against Patrick Whelan making breaks of 79, 62 & 62. There were also wins for Adam Duffy, Chen Zhe and Wang Yuchen as they aim to immediately return to the tour. However, there were defeats for Leo Fernandez and Mitchell Mann to end their own hopes of an immediate tour return. There were also defeats for Women's World Champion Ng On Yee and Frenchman Brian Ochoiski.

Onto round four, Jackson Page lost 4-1 against David Lilley, David made breaks of 66, 60 & 59 as he continues his good form. 22-year old Ashley Carty beat young Welshman Tyler Rees 4-2 with a break of 94 in the last frame whilst Hong Kong's Andy Lee moved another step closer to the tour following a 4-2 victory against Wang ZePeng.

Moving the focus onto former professionals, Jamie Cope raced into a 3-0 lead but ended up losing 4-3 thanks to a great comeback by Greg Casey. Michael Judge, Simon Bedford and James Cahill are all now within two wins of a return to the tour after all three of them eased to a 4-0 victory. There were defeats though for Kristjan Helgason (4-1 to Thor Chuan Leong), Adam Duffy (4-2 to Kuldesh Johal) and Dechawat Poomjaeng, who lost 4-2 against Indian Himanshu Dinesh Jain.

There is currently one match still ongoing. Andy Hicks v Barry Pinches is 3-3 and they are halfway through the deciding frame. Tomorrow will of course be the final day of this years Q School so by the end of the day we'll know the identity of another four tour qualifiers. Good luck to all the players.

Tuesday, 29th May

Women's World Champion Ng On Yee won her first match at this years Q School beating Ning Kang 4-2 after being 2-0 behind. She will play Dechawat Poomjaeng tomorrow after the Thailander beat Ross Bulman 4-1. Jamie Cope also recovered from 2-0 down to win 4-2 against Callum Lloyd whilst Fang Xiongman beat Hu Hao after being 3-1 behind but the best comeback of the day came from Brandon Sargeant who came from 3-0 down against Jamie O'Neill to win 4-3.

There were good performances this morning from both Mitchell Mann and Ashley Carty. Ashley beat John Pritchett 4-0 making breaks of 105, 70, 67 & 83 whilst Mitchell Mann made breaks of 56, 131 & 66 during his 4-0 win agaisnt Belan Sharif. Jackson Page won this evening 4-1 against Bash Maqsood making three 50+ breaks himself to keep his tour hopes alive.

42-year old David Lilley is going on another good run. He reached the penultimate round in both of the first two events and has now reached round four of the latest event after beating Ma Tingpeng 4-1. It would be an amazing story if he were to qualify as he has never been on tour before. There were also wins for 40somethings Leo Fernandez, Kristjan Helgason, Michael Judge and Simon Bedford.

Finally, There was unfortunately some disappointment for fans of Shane Castle as his Q School campaign came to an end for this year after losing 4-3 against Farakj Ajaib. He is currently 16th on the order of merit though so will be on the Challenge Tour.

Monday, 28th May

As this is the final event, it's do or die for all the players. Defeat now guarentees no place on tour next season. Thor Chuan Leong therefore ended Alex Borg's chance of an immediate return to the tour by beating him 4-1 with a high break of 80. Following players who have only dropped off tour last month, Adam Duffy recovered from 2-0 down to win 4-2 against Wayne Townsend and Jamie Curtis-Barrett beat Jeff Cundy 4-1. Recent UK Championship semi finalist David Grace was beaten though by Ben Hancorn meaning he'll have to settle for the Challenge Tour next season should he qualify.

The wins kept on coming for former pro's Michael Judge, Luke Simmonds and Barry Pinches. Kristjan Helgason also won to keep his hopes of a tour return alive. Former Crucible qualifier Andrew Pagett was defeated 4-1 by James Cahill.

Jackson Page won again, this time beating Saqib Nasir 4-2. Frenchman Brian Ochoiski also won beating Andreas Ploner 4-2. Michael Williams came from 3-0 down to draw level against David Lilley with breaks of 51 & 66 but David won the decider with a break of 63.

The oldest player in this years' Q School, 68-year old Irishman Dessie Sheehan lost 4-0 to Andy Lee. Unfortunately, Dessie lost all three of his matches this year 4-0 without making a single break over 50. He also lost both of his matches last year 4-0 too... You have to admire his optimism!

Sunday, 27th May

Long Zehuang was the first winner of the day beating James Welch 4-1 making a century to win the match. Wins followed for former pro's Kuldesh Johal, Stefan Mazrocis and Adam Duffy.

Young Frenchman Brian Ochoiski won 4-2 against Imran Puri making breaks of 129 & 53. Wang ZePeng put in an excellent performance with breaks of 121, 61, 62 & 60 to beat Ryan Thomerson, who made a 75 of his own. Barry Pinches beat young German Umut Dikme 4-2, Mitchell Mann beat Daniel Womersley 4-2 whilst there were also wins for youngsters Joel Walker, Oliver Brown and Dylan Emery.

In an attempt to immediately regain his tour card, Fang Xiongman beat Marc J Davis 4-1. There were also comfortable wins this evening for Shane Castle, 4-0 against Jack Bradford, Michael Wild beat Ronan Whyte 4-0 and Farakh Ajaib beat George Pragnall 4-0. Finally former pro Steven Hallworth kept his tour return hopes alive as he beat William Lemons in a deciding frame.

Saturday, 26th May

Today marked the start of event three. Great starts for Steven Hallworth and Fang Xiongman. The former Steven Hallworth made breaks of 91, 61, 54 & 51 in a 4-0 win whilst the latter Fang made 50, 56 & 130 during a 4-0 win of his own. Another player who scored well today was Keith Keldie who made breaks of 62, 60 & 50 as he beat Shafaqut Hussain 4-3.

There was disappointment for Reanne Evans as she lost 4-3 to Matthew Glasby to end her hopes of gaining a tour card this year. James Silverwood was also defeated despite putting in a good performance with breaks of 122 & 67. He lost 4-3 to Dylan Craig. Christoper Keogan will also have to wait at least one more year after losing 4-3 to Brandon Sargeant.

After getting close in event two, Michael Judge got off to a good start in the final event winning 4-1 against John Whitty with breaks of 98 & 51. Former pro Luke Simmonds beat John Parkin 4-3 to keep his hopes of a tour return alive too. The highest quality match of the day was between Andrew Pagett and Louis Heathcote, Louis made breaks of 100 & 59 but it wasn't enough as he lost 4-1 with Andrew making breaks of 65 & 108.

Friday, 25th May

Starting off with the last 16, Adam Duffy made a century as he beat Kishan Hirani 4-1. Dechawat Poomjaeng put in another great performance, making breaks of 62, 77, 71 & 94 as he beat Michael Judge 4-2. Mitchell Mann came from 3-2 down to beat David Lilley 4-3 whilst there were also wins for Jordan Brown, Jamie Cope, Craig Steadman, Lu Ning and Zhao Xintong.

Final round results:

Jordan Brown 4-1 Jamie Cope

Craig Steadman 4-0 Adam Duffy

Lu Ning 4-2 Mitchell Mann

Zhao Xintong 4-1 Dechawat Poomjaeng

Jordan Brown returns to the pro tour after 8 years away as he beat Jamie Cope 4-1 making breaks of 71 & 77. Craig Steadman comfortably defeated Adam Duffy 4-0 with a high break of 52, Lu Ning produced breaks of 60 & 55 to beat Mitchell Mann 4-2 and therefore return to the tour after a two year absence. Finally it was to be an immediate return to the tour for the highly talented Zhao Xintong who beat Dechawat Poomjaeng 4-1 with 3 50+ breaks.

So it's congratulations to Jordan Brown, Craig Steadman, Lu Ning & Zhao Xintong. Everyone else will now go to event three which starts tomorrow.

Thursday, 24th May

It was a great start to the day for Jackson Page as he raced into a 3-1 lead making breaks of 57 and 117 but Kuldesh Johal produced an excellent comeback to win 4-3. Johal went on to lose his next match though 4-0 to Lu Ning. Zhao Xintong moved another slep closer to an immediate return to the tour as he won both of his matches today 4-1. Wasn't good news for David Grace fans though as he lost 4-2 to Craig Steadman.

Dechawat Poomjaeng looked in good form again as he won two matches today, the second of which contained a century break as he beat Louis Heathcote 4-1. Jamie Cope recovered from 2-0 down against Farakh Ajaib to win 4-2 and he will play James Cahill tomorrow who beat John Foster 4-1. There were more former pro's winning games today too as Adam Duffy, Lucky Vatnani and Andy Hicks all moved steps closer to a return to the tour.

Hong Kong player Andy Lee is just two wins away from joining fellow countryman Marco Fu on tour as he won two matches today. Andreas Ploner and David Lilley were also amongst players to win two matches today. Chen Zhe beat Michael Collumb earlier today 4-3 but lost in a deciding frame to Mitchell Mann tonight. Only one game left playing now, Michael Judge leads youngster Peter Devlin 3-0.

Wednesday, 23rd May

Q School event two is coming towards the end as we go into the last couple of days. Youngster Shane Castle started off the day in a good way, he defeated Callum Lloyd 4-1 making breaks of 74, 52, 81 & 114. There were also wins for players who have just dropped off tour in Zhao Xintong, Jamie Curtis-Barrett, David Grace, Adam Duffy and Craig Steadman.

Dechawat Poomjaeng continued his progress with a good 4-0 win making breaks of 84, 94 & 89. 20-year old Louis Heathcote was also in fine form, He made two 60+ breaks and a century as he beat Wang Yuchen 4-2. There were more young winners too as James Cahill beat Christopher Keogan 4-0, 17-year old Welshman Dylan Emery beat Brandon Hall 4-2 and Londoner Peter Devlin won 4-2 against Dylan Craig.

Onto the more experienced players, 43-year old Michael Judge beat Hu Hao 4-1 and made a century, Jamie Cope also made a century as he defeated Sergey Isaenko of Ukraine 4-1 whilst Andy Hicks did similar as he defeated Sean Maddocks 4-1.

So tomorrow we see the conclusion of round three followed by the whole of round four, at the end of the day knowing which 16 players will be playing on the final day of the event for the four tour cards.

Tuesday, 22nd May

Day 9 in Burton and today has seen plenty of former pro's show their class. David Grace won 4-0 making a 50+ break in each frame, Thor Chuan Leong also won 4-0 and he also made a century. Also, there were comfortable wins for Simon Bedford, Jamie Cope, Craig Steadman and Adam Duffy.

There were also wins today for the younger upcoming players. Polish Kacper Filipiak beat Ning Kang 4-0, James Cahill won 4-2 against Hans Blanckaert, Frenchman Brian Ochoiski won 4-1 and 18-year old German Umut Dikme won 4-0 making a couple of 50 breaks. There were also some youngsters defeated though, 16-year old Ross Bulman narrowly fell 4-3 to Fraser Patrick, Tyler Rees lost 4-1 to Kuldesh Johal and the youngest player at Q School, 12-year old Iulian Boiko made breaks of 68 & 50 but lost 4-2 to Jeff Cundy.

A few Chinese players stood out today with their performances too. Liu Jiaming made breaks of 84, 75, 60 & 53 as he won 4-0 against Jamie Trump. Wang ZePeng won having made breaks of 77 & 80 whilst Lu Ning was the star performer making two centuries and a 68. Hong Kong's Andy Lee also put in a great performance making breaks of 101, 85 & 82 as he won 4-0 against Dave Nelson.

Monday, 21st May

The first winner of the day was Fang Xiongman who won 4-0 making breaks of 86, 59 & 100. Another impressive display from a Chinese player followed shortly after as Wang ZePeng won 4-1 with breaks of 107, 56 & 74.

There were wins for youngsters Jackson Page and Shane Castle. Andy Marriott made breaks of 63, 69 & 70 but such is the standard he lost 4-3 to Lu Ning. Chen Zhe, a player who has just lost his tour card beat Barry Pinches' son Luke 4-3. Another player who has just fallen from the tour Zhao Xintong also won 4-3.

There were also wins for former pro's Jamie O'Neill, Dechawat Poomjaeng and Andy Hicks. Kristjan Helgason has also just won beating Simon Blackwell 4-3 whilst former world number 24 and Grand Prix semi finalist Michael Judge beat Adam Brown 4-1 making breaks of 71, 66 & 77 as he aims to return to the tour after 7 years away.

Sunday, 20th May

Well here we go again. Event two has got underway today as we anticipate who are to be the next four players to qualify for the tour!

The morning session saw both Reanne Evans and Ng On Yee lose out as well as American pool player Corey Deuel. Nephew of Stephen Hendry, James Cahill got off to a good start with a 4-0 win. There was also a good win for former world number 63 Simon Bedford, who won 4-0 against Joel Walker with breaks of 75 & 97.

David Grace came from 3-1 down against Steven Hallworth to win 4-3 in a match which included a century for David. Thor Chuan Leong and Lucky Vatnani both won and scored a century too. 19-year old Frenchman Brian Ochoiski wrapped up a 4-0 victory with a century of his own as he secured an average shot time of just 16.4 seconds.

There were plenty of different nationalities on display today. Wins for Maltese Alex Borg, Ukrainian Sergey Isaenko and German Felix Frede. There were also a few Irish winners today as former pro Leo Fernandez beat Andrew Milliard and there were also wins for 16-year old Ross Bulman and Aaron Holland. Finally Adam Duffy was comfortable winner, 4-0 over Barry Pinches.

Saturday, 19th May

During the penultimate round, Jordan Brown overcame James Cahill 4-1 whilst Jak Jones defeated Thor Chuan Leong 4-3 making a break of 86 in the decider. All the other matches finished 4-2, Sam Baird beat Adam Duffy making a break of 133 in the last frame. Hu Hao, Hammad Miah and Sam Craigie all made a century during their wins over Lu Ning, Ben Hancorn and David Lilley respectively. Haydon Pinhey made breaks of 67 & 70 but lost to Luke Simmonds and finally Dechawat Poomjaeng came from 2-0 down to defeat Geng Mingqi.

Onto the final round where a tour card was on offer for each winner:

Jak Jones 4-2 Jordan Brown

Sam Baird 4-2 Hu Hao

Hammad Miah 4-0 Luke Simmonds

Sam Craigie 4-0 Dechawat Poomjaeng

Sam Craigie came out firing despite the pressure making breaks of 78, 77 & 119 in the first three frames as he defeated Dechawat Poomjaeng. Hammad Miah also won comfortably against Luke Simmonds. Sam Baird defeated Hu Hao 4-2 to regain his tour card whilst Jak Jones recovered from 2-0 down to beat Jordan Brown making breaks of 50 & 58.

So the four winners of the tour cards are all players who dropped off the main tour only last month. They immediately get a chance to return to the tour for two years as they aim to break into the top 64 to avoid another trip to Q School. Event two starts tomorrow. Again, good luck to all the players and a big congratulations to Jak, Sam, Hammad & Sam.

Friday, 18th May

The penultimate day of Q School event one and we are down to 16 players. It was the end of the road for a few former pro's today, Jamie Cope lost 4-1 to Joel Walker... who then went on to lose his next match 4-3 against Ben Hancorn. There were also defeats for Kristjan Helgason and former ranking event Quarter Finalist Barry Pinches.

Reanne Evans one of a few players who had to play twice today. She won her first match 4-3 against Lee Daegyu but lost 4-1 to Hammad Miah who made breaks of 70 & 118. Fan favourite Dechawat Poomjaeng was another player who had to play twice today but he came through against opponents Brandon Sargeant and Leo Fernandez.

There was a very good quality match between Phil O'Kane and Haydon Pinney. Phil made two breaks of 62 but it wasn't enough as the 21-year old Haydon made breaks of 55, 114 & 86 to win 4-3. Another impressive performance came from Chinese player Hu Hao who made breaks of 69, 92, 70 & 53 to beat Ning Kang 4-2. There was more success for Chinese players too as Lu Ning and Geng Mingqi also reach the final day.

So tomorrow is the big day. 10am will see all 16 players play with the final round scheduled for 1pm. Good luck to all remaining players.

Thursday, 17th May

Less than 48 hours until we know the identity of the first four tour card winners and things are starting to heat up in Burton. I'll start the update by focusing on former Crucible qualifier Kristjan Helgason, who made breaks of 54, 52 & 100 to defeat Wang Yuchen 4-2 as he attempts to make an incredible return to the tour 14 years after he lost his card. Another former Crucible qualifier Dechawat Poomjaeng won his first match at this years Q School beating female player Nutcharut Wongharuthai 4-0. Dechawat has had a year away from the tour due to health reasons but is trying to regain his tour card.

There were also wins for Sam Craigie, Leo Fernandez, Thor Chuan Leong, Jak Jones, Sam Baird and Adam Duffy as they all hope to make an immediate return to the tour. However there were defeats for David Grace, Zhao Xintong and Fraser Patrick.

Performance of the day goes to Indian Laxman Rawat. He was 2-0 down to former pro Andrew Pagett but battled back brilliantly making breaks of 84, 73, 110 & 60 to win 4-2!

The youngest player competing at Q School this year, Ukrainian 12 year old Iulian Boiko lost his opening match 4-1 against Matthew Day. There were wins though for youngsters Sean Maddocks (16) & Chae Ross (17) as they hope to become the youngest players on tour.

Finally, former pro Barry Pinches has just completed the days action by beating Fang Xiongman in a deciding frame. Tomorrow we see the conclusion of rounds three and four, By the end of the day there'll be just 16 players left in Q School event one.

Wednesday, 16th May

Today has been a great day for most of the players who have only just lost their tour cards. Thor Chuan Leong, Fang Xiongman, Jak Jones, Zhao Xintong, Sam Baird, Adam Duffy, David Grace and Hammad Miah all showed their class to win, most of them with a comfortable scoreline.

The Father v Son battle was won by Father. Former pro Barry Pinches defeated his son Luke 4-1 in a match which failed to produce a 50+ break. Barry moves onto the next round where he will face Fang Xiongman whilst Luke can only prepare for another shot in event two.

There was an early exit for one of the favourites to qualify for the tour, Jackson Page as he lost 4-3 against 35 year old Ben Hancorn. There was a better result though for another favourite Jamie Cope as he made breaks of 92 & 66 as he defeated Adam Edge 4-2. Phil O'Kane made the highest break of the event so far... a very impressive 125 as he won 4-1 against Tugba Irten.

Finally there was good news again for the women's game as Reanne Evans won her first match defeating Anthony Jeffers 4-3 having been 3-1 down. Nutcharut Wonghairuthai plays her next match tomorrowing morning as round two draws to a close. Round three begins at 4pm.

Tuesday, 15th May

Day 2 at Q School. 2 x ranking event runner-up Jamie Cope began his Q School campaign with a 4-1 win over John Pritchett, The victory included a 106 break. There were also wins for former Crucible qualifiers Andy Hicks, Leo Fernandez and Kristjan Helgason.

Women's World Champion Ng On Yee was also in action today. She came from 3-0 down to draw level against Daniel Womersley but Daniel won the decider. There was a win though for 18 year old female player Nutcharut Wongharuthai, 4-1 over James Height. She will play Dechawat Poomjaeng in the next round. Multiple Women's World Champion Reanne Evans plays her first match tomorrow.

Another upcoming Chinese prospect? 18 year old Geng Mingqi beat Matthew Glasby 4-0 with breaks of 59, 65 & 90. Continuing the focus on young players, 17 year old Chae Ross beat Aussie Ryan Thomerson 4-3 whilst 16 year old Sean Maddocks beat Joshua Cooper 4-0.

Monday, 14th May

The day started well for the players who have just dropped off tour. Jamie Curtis-Barrett winning 4-1 against Hans Blanckaert making breaks of 55, 89 and 57. Former professional (nephew of legend Stephen Hendry) James Cahill followed shortly after with a 4-0 win.

There were also wins elsewhere for former pro's Fraser Patrick, Thor Chuan Leong and David Grace. Sam Baird and James Silverwood competed in the highest quality match so far, both players made a century break whilst James also made breaks of 97 and 71 but it wasn't enough as Sam came through 4-3.

Former pro Barry Pinches completed a routine 4-0 win over Dean Goddard with breaks of 66 and 88. This win was to be significant as it means he will face his son Luke in the next round! It will be the first meeting in competiton between father and son since Neal Foulds beat Geoff back in 1986.

There are still a few matches ongoing right now. Welsh 16 year old Jackson Page is currently level 1-1 with Simon Blackwell whilst Joel Walker currently leads former pro Stefan Mazrocis 2-0.

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